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December 20 2015


Several Applications for Radiation Glasses

There are a variety of radiation resistant glass types, with seven different dispersion properties. The dispersion property needed depends on the use of the glass, and the strength of the radioactivity. Industrial equipment applications, such as nuclear power plants, or research and development facilities using radioactive substances, require higher dispersion properties, for example, than optical systems for X-ray machines. The glass is stabilized against transmittance loss in two ways. Cerium is added to the composition of the glass, changing the color from white to a tint of yellow. The ultraviolet (UV) transmittance is changed to a longer wavelength.

The manufacturer provides glass in cut blanks, rods, pressings, and finished optical components, like glasses and barrier screens. All forms have the advantages of high homogeneity, the glass can be coated, and it can also be polished. Applications include astronomy, customized solutions for consumer optics, lithography, safety and security, and medical and biotech uses. Other types of glasses available include active and passive laser glasses, glass for precision molding, thin glass, and i-Line glass for applications requiring high UV transmittance. A total of 120 optical glasses, special materials, and components are available.

Buy Radiation Glasses for employees, laboratory technicians, portable X-ray operators, and patients. Finding a larger, and experienced, supplier means facilities can get the Best Radiation Glasses for the best pricing. That works out well for large facilities, hospital groups, and several laboratories that order products together. Bulk ordering brings down the price, and often eliminates shipping costs altogether.

Glasses are but one component of protection needed against radiation. Wide selection of products from which to choose ensures any need will be met. Pediatric X-ray protection, for example, is available in many forms and sizes, including diaper coverings, and leaded belts for placement of small children in diagnostic testing machinery. Various shields, barriers, and blockers are needed, depending on what part of the body will be exposed to radiation. Thyroid and gonadal shields, leaded vests and blankets, and spinal protectors, as well as dental radiation protection, are all in stock and in a variety of sizes. X-ray aprons, kit bundles, and gloves are also among offered products. There are over three-hundred items in all, and that just covers radiation protection needs. Products for other medical needs are also available at competitive pricing.
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